The debut EP of Brooklyn-based
Jennifer Milich and the Lonesome Sea
is now available for download, streaming, and purchase. 


Jennifer Milich is a writer and singer/songwriter who has been living and working in Brooklyn for the last 20 years. She studied poetry with Cornelius Eady at SUNY Stony Brook, where she served as the first student board member of the University's Poetry Center. 

She began her vocal studies as an undergrad at SUNY Binghamton, where she trained as a jazz singer. Her first band after college was the beat-poet influenced Adam's Curse, a quirky East-village based Bob Dylan-loving duo. She then threw herself into a new band with her oldest friend, Lonesome Sea guitarist Seth Ginsberg. In 2006 they recorded and released an album called SUGAR, where they explored some of the themes the Lonesome Sea is delving into now. Jennifer is thrilled to be able to revisit and elevate this sound with Seth as guitarist, arranger, and producer. 

Since 2004 Jennifer has worked for her dear friend Audra Tsanos as a pre-school music teacher for the popular and engaging Music for Aardvarks program, AUDRAROX. Audra and Jennifer have worked closely together, not only in the day to day operations of Audra's business, but as bandmates and writers on two full length studio albums. In support of these releases, AudraRox toured the East Coast and appeared on both Nickelodeon and Sesame Street. Audra and Jennifer also sing together in countless other ways, currently performing in a reggae/rocksteady band, a Louis Prima tribute band, and several projects highlighting the work of women singers and songwriters. It was through Audra that Jennifer met Phil Kester, the Lonesome Sea drummer. Jennifer always says that Phil is the only drummer who doesn't play over her when she's trying to sing quietly.

Jennifer has always found a way to live an artistic life, even as a single mother who had to work two or sometimes three jobs when her kids were young. It was during this time she met and partnered with a group of friends in a big old house in Ditmas Park. Together they founded SCARLET FOX LETTERPRESS in 2011, a creative collective that produces events around New York City highlighting original work of artists in all mediums. Tim Boyce, an original member of this collective, did the mastering for the Lonesome Sea's EP.

In 2012 Jennifer met Lonesome Sea bass player Pete Echanique at a private party where his band at the time, Love Funk, was playing. She'd been having a bad time and was plotting her escape when he approached her on set break. After a brief conversation, he asked her for her phone number. They were married in 2013. 

Jennifer Milich & the Lonesome Sea are four seasoned professional musicians who are truly excited to work, play, and create new music.


Jennifer Milich & the lonesome sea 



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